As a business owner or manager, the most important thing you need to do is manage your budget. For this reason, initial website design quotes often result in sticker shock or a sense of being ripped off.

You have the option of designating your company’s website as a cost center or transforming it into a powerful revenue generator and asset by selecting the right web designer. If you’re okay with the latter, you should consider a template site. However, if you’re looking to create a more robust business asset, this article can help you establish realistic budget parameters for your website design and help eliminate sticker shock.

How much money does a website cost in each of the cases described below? You will learn about the costs associated with a standard template website, professional website design and ongoing website maintenance.

So, how much does web design cost when you hire a professional?

According to our experience, there are three general price ranges for small to mid-sized business web design. We provide an overview of what you can expect with each web design tier. Design Hamster’s services typically come in lower than these estimates. Contact us for a quote today.

Less Than $1,000

Websites of this type typically lack design insight, development, or strategic input. This is just a very basic website that is not branded in any way. This is the primary distinction between custom website design and website templates.

$1,000 - $7,500

In this price range, the web design cost includes design insight, development work, and strategic input. This is a small, basic branded website that uses common pre-built templates or a custom-designed template. No other integrations are included.

$7,500 and Up

The web design rates in this range tend to increase in price depending on the needs of the project, including extensive web design and custom development, e-commerce integrations, and large-scale third-party integrations, as well as large-scale websites (100+ pages).

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Website?

Ongoing website maintenance costs are usually quite low. If you have the opportunity to choose a lowest-cost provider when designing your site, you can significantly reduce these costs. As a rule, you get what you pay for, so you can expect these solutions to have a limited functionality range.

If you decide to upgrade your services or switch platforms, you may rebuild the entire website. Please keep in mind that these ongoing expenses do not include the marketing budget for strategy or optimization, much like opening a business entity does not guarantee that you can sell it for a profit.

Some of the extra costs incurred with building a website include:

  • Domain Name Registration ($10 a year)
  • Website Hosting ($25 per month)
  • SSL Certificate (Typically included with hosting)
  • Content Marketing ($49.95 Per month)

*The pricing reflects some of the lowest pricing available at this writing time.

Instead of piecing each of these web maintenance factors together, you could bundle your web design budget, maintenance, and ongoing content marketing.